The program will be launching on September 23, 2016 with the 1.5-day Design Jam. Teams will get to develop their initial solutions with Woodbine staff and mentors.

After the completion of this stage, entrant Teams will have a three month period to develop a prototype of their business solution. During this period, teams will participate in seven workshops where they will be able to work with industry professionals and business mentors to set and achieve milestones to help them commercialize their technology. Teams who satisfactorily meet or exceed the milestones they set out for themselves will be asked to present for the top prize on January 17, 2017. Winning teams will be awarded an additional six months of Incubation support from iBoost as well as cash prizes and an opportunity to run a pilot project with Woodbine Entertainment Group.


 Sep 23 to 24, 2016 

Develop your solutions based on industry challenges with the help of industry leaders 1.5-day Design Jam. Stage 1 is now completed.


 SEP 24 TO JAN 17, 2017

After the completion of the Design Jam, entrant teams will have a three-month period to develop a prototype of their business solution. During this period, teams will participate in seven workshops, where they will be able to work with industry professionals and business mentors to set milestones to help them commercialize their technology. 

Product Development Workshop Schedule



Oct. 5, 2016

Group Team Meet-up 1: Customer discovery & understanding product market fit

Oct. 19, 2016

Group Team Meet-up 2: How betting works and online wagering

Nov. 2, 2016

Group Team Meet-up 3: How to scale in the Racing Industry (focus on Regulation)

Nov. 9, 2016

Group Team Meet-up 4: Progress report/presentations to Woodbine Entertainment

Nov. 16, 2016

Group Team Meet-up 5: Sales strategies and techniques

Nov. 30, 2016

Group Team Meet-up 6: How to run a successful pilot project with a client

Dec. 14, 2016

Group Team Meet-up 7: How to pitch your idea


  • Sessions take place at the iBoost Zone (20 Dundas Street West, 9th Floor)

  • Each session runs from 6:30-8:00 pm and will consist of a short update from teams followed by a 45 min session on a specific topic

  • Topics are to be confirmed and may change based on the needs of teams

  • Sessions to be led by iBoost and Woodbine

  • Speakers and mentors to be selected by iBoost and Woodbine


 JAN 17, 2017

Pitch your idea to win cash prizes, incubation support and the opportunity pilot your technology.

As part of this challenge, teams will receive:

  • A customized program focused on making productive business connections to prospective customers, partners, sector experts and investors.
  • Dedicated workspace and resources.
  • Bi-weekly mentorship and coaching from sector specialists, including from Woodbine and from the iBoost roster of mentors.
  • The opportunity to further commercialize and scale the technologies through an opportunity to conduct proof-of-concept and pilot projects with Woodbine Entertainment Group.
  • Special recognition through media exposure provided by the iBoost and Woodbine Entertainment Group.


Evaluation Criteria


(a) Impact Potential – the overall impact potential of the concept/prototype or idea


(b) Incremental Innovation – the ability or potential for incremental innovation from existing or proposed concept/prototype or idea


(c) Customer Experience – the impact on the overall customer experience (i.e., useable, clear, intuitive)


(d) Revenue Potential – the overall revenue potential for the concept/prototype or idea


(e) Transformation – does the concept/prototype or idea tackle a problem that has been overlooked or ignored in the past, or attack the problem in a new and unique way (on a bigger scale or on a higher level) to help transform the current way of doing things?


(f) Team – have a leadership team comprised of driven, coachable and collaborative people with some expertise in the area of focus


(g) Prototype – have a working prototype of the Business Solution (at a minimum) that is in the market or ready to launch